Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to Kuwait

Twenty-four hours later, with a refeuling stop in Amsterdam, our chartered Northwest flight arrived in Kuwait to our temporary quarters set up for personnel traveling into Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyone here is in transit, except for a small permanent staff. We are in the middle of the desert, with absolutely NOTHING around us except for a highway, Starbuck's (from whose WiFi I write this), Mc Donald's and other familiar fast-food icons!

Our time in Kuwait will be spent adjusting to the new time zone and climate. The military does an excellent job transitioning us into the theater, ensuring that the cultural change is smooth and gradual. We'll have a few meetings and briefings, followed by some additional convoy training next week.

Military life is pretty good!


  1. Things are looking good Gunny! Enjoy the training, and I'll see you in Kabul soon. You're the man.

  2. Clampitt,
    After all your chiding when I got back (pictures, etc.), I can't wait to give you some sweet payback! Be safe. Don't forget to duck.

  3. Watching the national anthem for the super bowl. Wish you were here!

  4. Awesome dude! Did you get to watch the Super Bowl??