Monday, February 9, 2009

Kabul, at Last!

Our arrival in Kabul was smooth! We took another military transport and landed at Kabul International Airport (KIA). It's very cold here and the air is not exactly clean. This is definitely a war zone. There are razor wire, sand bags, and security everywhere. The picture to the right is in front of the airport terminal on the C-130 that flew us here. More to come!

There was an important article in today's The Guardian outlining President Obama's new Afghanistan strategy. It's exciting to be here helping to make it a reality. You can find the article at:


  1. Reading this. knowing that you are in Afghanistan, and that some many other soliders are there, makes me even more angry that our country elected George Bush not once but twice. He so royally screwed up our military policy that we are still fighting a battle that started more than seven years ago. 7 years is the time it takes to go exit high school and graduate law school. Or, it is the time to enter med school and finish residency. I wish that all our policy makers truly understood the suffering of war on all people involved and then made decisions based on being ethical and efficient.

  2. "Air's not exactly clean." Like when an old Metrobus roars by, or worse than that? I still remember the smell of some of the buses and taxis when I was in Russia (not to mention the cigarettes). Not nice, especially when the air's thinner on top of it.

    Obama's first press conference was last night. Sounded good. Mostly talked about the stimulus package, but took a couple questions about Afghanistan and Pakistan too. He wasn't real specific, but I can't say I blame him right now. Will be waiting to see how things play out a few weeks from now, though.