Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Impressions of Afghanistan

We arrived at Bagram Airfield about six hours ago. After an overnight flight via military transport, and hours of safety briefings, we finally have some time to relax. Bagram is a temporary stop, as I will be heading to Kabul in the next day or two. The base is comfortable, and I write this from the Pat Tillman USO Lounge, a renovated house that was once the home of a Russian General during the Soviet occupation.

My first impression stepping off the airplane was one of absolute beauty. I have never been surrounded by such beautiful and snowy mountains, extending up to 15,000 feet, Think Rockies on steroids! The landscape is picture perfect. What a shame that this gorgeous country has been scarred by violence for so long.

In a few days, I'll send further impressions, details and news, along with photos (internet too slow now). For now, know that I'm safe and sound, full of curiosity and excitement for this life-changing journey.

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  1. Great pictures. Did any Civilians participate in the training or was it all military (not counting contractors). Just wondering what to expect. I love the blog. It makes me want to do my own. Maybe...I just thought I'd use facebook, but this is way cool. Beth