Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Home Kabul

I have been on the new compound for a couple of days, and despite yesterday's attack which was quite jarring, I am actually starting to enjoy myself. The Afghanistan effort is run by NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), comprised of 39 nations working together to rebuild Afghanistan and bring stability to a nation that has suffered decades of war. Not only do I have the opportunity to help improve conditions in Afghanistan, but I get to be the foreign exchange student I've always wanted to be --in multiple countries at the same time! It's a rare and extraordinary gift.

My roommate, an Italian Army officer, is from Naples. We connected immediately. Francesco has shown me around the base and is helping me to adjust to the new surroundings. Perhaps he'll teach me a few Italian phrases, as well!

There are many members of the British military on this compound. The UK has close to 10,000 troops in Afghanistan. My first exposure was at the airport when the Brits greeted us and gave us a ride back to base. Perhaps when this entire experience is over I will have many new homes away from home all over the world!

I have included pictures in this post of both Francesco and one of my new British friends. Can you tell who's who?

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  1. I'm completely jealous of your foreign exchange student experience there, especially now that the dust has settled from yesterday's events. Can't wait to hear all about all these new faces and places in your life.

    Maybe you will learn 38 more ways to say "Can you leave the room now so I can Skype with my special lady friend in private?" I think it could prove to be a useful phrase over the next eleven(!) months. ;-)