Sunday, January 11, 2009

Training Begins

Here's a tiny glimpse of Fort Jackson, near Columbia, South Carolina., where I arrived yesterday for a three-week training stint to learn how the Army does business. With me is my new friend, Lt. Tim French (JAG). As a Navy Reservist, I am part civilian and part sailor, but not a soldier. Army terminology is different, the ranks are different, and the mission is different. By the time we finish here in three weeks, we are expected to be ready for full deployment to Kabul (via Kuwait). True confession? I have the jitters, but expect that's normal considering the assignment I am about to undertake.

While time for blogging will be scarce, I'll do my best to share experiences and information you may not find in the media. Sometimes, photos will tell it best. Please don't forget to send me your news!

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