Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguraltion Thoughts

The historical implications of January 20th are almost beyond comprehension. Our nation's first African-American President will be taking the oath of office at perhaps the most difficult time our country and world have seen in generations. As a Washingtonian, it is hard to be in South Carolina watching from afar when I want nothing more than to be on the Mall to celebrate our new Commander-in-Chief.

I feel somewhat removed in Fort Jackson, away from DC, but at the same time, my mission is directly connected to the success of the incoming Administration. President Obama not only will be my new boss, but he has pledged to concentrate on the effort in Afghanistan to ensure that we bring stability to that country, opportunity for its people, and deny a haven for terrorists. In that regard, I feel more linked to our new Commander-in-Chief.

I am proud to serve our incoming President on a very important mission for the security of our country and other parts of the globe. It is my sincere hope that the American people support him in his policy for Afghanistan, as well as for the large endeavours that he will undertake to bring us to peace and prosperity. I promise to work every day toward that goal.

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  1. WHAT AN EVENT, ADAM!!! The entire city has been euphoric all day, in spite of the crazy crush of people, in spite of the cold, in spite of the security rules -- unlike anything I have ever seen!!! 2 million people smiling, hugging, crying. Incredible on a thousand different levels. Wish you could have seen it -- but you are in the center of what is most important in the world right now. Good luck with the training, and the trip over.