Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Troops are Coming!

We have just returned from another trip to Kandahar, continuing to build our new media operations center. the pace has been feverish, trying to make sure the center is operational in time for the press to cover the influx of new troops flowing into Southern Afghanistan. More than 20,000 soldiers are in the process of arriving to protect the Afghan people, and the base is overflowing with activity. Every time I visit, it's more crowded, with construction of new facilities made of the connex boxes happening daily (see photos).

It's amazing to see the building, first hand, instead of reading about it. Each day hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of soldiers arrive via military transports. In many cases, the infrastructure is not yet built, and the troops must create their own places to sleep and work. Everyone competes for space. The word is that Kandahar Air Field will become one of the largest garrisons in the US Army anywhere in the world.

Our media operations center is our small contribution to the military effort in Kandahar. We are bringing in 20 or so personnel to manage the operation, a small fraction compared to the numbers coming to fight; however, we’re here to back them up.

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  1. We read about the new troops in the news but your post makes it more real.

    I really appreciate the sacrifice that you guys and your families are going through to make us safer.