Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Honorary Pirate

This blog post is to thank all of the great young pirates in Grade 3B at the Carlthorp School in Santa Monica, California. Jack, the son of Dr. Amy Zegart, my former graduate school professor at UCLA, and his class, led by Mrs. Tarvin, have adopted me as an honorary pirate on their class ship!

Thank you for writing me such nice notes. Even though I am a grown up and a Navy officer, I still get homesick sometimes. Afghanistan is very far away from the United States, as you have learned. Your letters have brought me so much joy! I am very touched that you are thinking about me and all of the other soldiers protecting the country.

Life is difficult here. It snows all the time, and there are bad people all around us. But we stay positive because we know that we want life to be great for all of you back home and for the good people of Afghanistan. That is why we are here. Something I have been reminded of here is how good it feels to make a difference in the lives of children and adults who suffer every day because their country has been at war for so long. Whether you decide to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, construction worker or soldier, always remember to help those in need whenever you can.

I am honored to be on your pirate ship, and I hope that one day you can sail over here and take me back to America, I will definitely come visit your class when I return to the U.S. and can visit Santa Monica. Ahoy, sailors!


  1. Adam, the pirates have another set of messages in bottles coming your way soon! Cheers.

  2. I am surrounded by 3rd grade pirates who have asked me to send this instant message, since the bottles take some time to bob their way to you. Mrs. T's class is delighted you posted about their letters, and is honored to have you join their ship. You have an open invitation to visit Carlthorp School when you return from Afghanistan (pizza day is usually the best food). Sending you 21 cheers from Santa Monica,

    Mrs. T's third grade.